1. Healthy Accountability
Regardless of our struggles, be it sin issues or emotional health issues, we are created for relationships and navigating life together. This article explains the differences between proactive and reactive accountability in very practical ways. It also helps individuals see the precursors and underlying factors that set them up to return to sin or emotional health struggles using two tools: the FASTER Scale and Double Bind.
Download the Healthy Accountability article here and watch the seminar I gave on Healthy Accountability here.
2. Understanding Wounds & Renewing The Mind
We sin because we are sinful but we also sin because we’ve been sinned against and develop ways to cope with our pain. This document helps identify wounds in life and how they contribute to our core beliefs about ourselves, God, and others. Through the practical steps explained and Biblical meditation, our core beliefs can be changed.
Download the Working Through Wounds & Renewing The Mind article here.
3. Understanding Sexual Addiction & Guide
When does habitual sexual sin become an addiction? What are the underlying factors driving this? How does it modify brain chemistry? How does Jesus set us free through practical means? And how can I help someone struggling with these issues?
Download the article here and the guide here for help with all of the above.
4. Porn & Completing The Great Commission

Never in the history of the world have so many been facing one common issue as now with porn and sexual brokenness. Porn is not a male issue or a female issue. Porn is a global, everyone issue. We must deal with the trauma that has led to coping through sin, by walking through this pain in depth in the context of community and experiencing Jesus in the depths of our souls. If we are proactive in dealing with this issue as a global church, we can offer the healing and freedom Jesus brings from porn and sexual brokenness to the world. I believe this will lead to revival, great awakening, and the completion of the great commission.
Download the article here.

5. Locking Down Devices

A step by step guide to preventing smart phones, tablets, and computers from accessing inappropriate material online.
Download the guide here.

6. Preventive & Restorative Resources For Porn Use

A list of great resources to keep kids and families safe online in addition to help for men and women of all ages stuck in unwanted porn use.
Download the resource here.

7. Five Steps To Overcome Shame
Different from guilt which says “I did bad”, shame says “I am bad.” Shame plays a significant factor in the unhealthy thoughts and actions we struggle with on a daily basis. Check out five steps to overcome shame here.